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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D

You’ve probably heard the age-old mantra that spending a little time in the morning sunshine is good for your health. That’s the cheapest way to get vitamin D, otherwise called the sunshine vitamin. It has benefits critical to our body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus and strengthening our immune system, including against COVID-19.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Numerous studies have found that vitamin D plays a crucial role in preventing certain diseases and keeping us healthy. Below are a few notable benefits of the sunshine vitamin.

Prevention of Multiple Sclerosis

A 2006 study found that high levels of vitamin D help mitigate the risk of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease affecting up to 350,000 young American adults and 2 million worldwide.

Vitamin D and High BP

Vitamin D is a favorite of doctors for patients with high blood pressure. It also helps prevent cancer, diabetes, and muscle pain. The vitamin works great for lowering the risk of many other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and heart attack.

A study at Boston University subjected people to UVA and UVB rays for three months. The result was a 100% leap in vitamin D, followed by normalized blood pressure.

Considering the kind of stress people endure from an increasingly demanding world, anything that normalizes blood pressure deserves all the attention possible. Medics believe that the worst culprit for high BP is a hormone called renin, and vitamin D helps control the hormone.

Vitamin D and Precancerous Colon Polyps

In December 2006, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study. Upward of 3000 veterans who consumed a certain amount of vitamin D, plus 4 grams of cereal daily saw their risk of developing precancerous colon polyps drop by 40%.

Risk of Deficiency in Elderly People

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reported a study in 2004 by researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Elderly people were made to take vitamin D supplements and calcium for three months. This reduced their risk of falling by 49% more than if they consumed calcium alone.

Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Diseases

Another study concluded that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Such diseases may include hypertension, heart failure, and ischemic heart disease. Low levels of vitamin D in the blood can also cause sudden cardiac death if someone has a pre-existing cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin D supplements are also believed to prevent seasonal influenza in children.

Strengthening of The Immune System

Vitamin D is believed to improve our immunity to diseases, including Covid-19. Studies are still ongoing to verify the real effect of vitamin D on a person’s ability to resist covid-19. For example, ongoing research in Montreal, that aims to recruit up to 2414 health-care workers, is investigating the possible use of vitamin D as a weapon against Covid-19.

Vitamin D Helps with Bone Growth and Development

Vitamin D enables the body to absorb elements such as calcium and phosphorus from the small intestine. These elements are vital to the growth and development of bones and teeth. Vitamin D isn’t optional. It must exist in sufficient quantities for your body to function well.

A deficiency gives rise to abnormalities like osteomalacia (soft bones), or osteoporosis (fragile bones), particularly among the elderly.

Vitamin D and COVID-19

There have been many other studies to explore the benefits of vitamin D. More and more advantages of this critical vitamin are coming to light. The latest and most important being the role of vitamin D in preventing or fighting covid-19. Vitamin D comes from a variety of sources, including food, sunlight, and supplements. A rapid review corroborated by Pubic Health England after the first wave of COVID-19 also advocated the need for people to supplement their Vitamin D intake to maintain healthy muscle and bone health, especially during the winter months. Hydramed’s IV Therapy can ensure that you get your required dose of Vitamin D to enjoy its many health benefits and potential protection against COVID-19.

Vitamin D and Depression

Vitamin D plays a role in keeping depression under control. In one study, scientists found that after taking vitamin D supplements, people who feel depressed saw an improvement in their moods. Another research found vitamin D deficiency was more common in people experiencing depression and anxiety.


Vitamin D appears to have much more benefits than was previously known. As scientists continue to delve deeper, more uses of vitamin D would become apparent. For example, several recent studies link vitamin D deficiency to Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses, though some doubt lingers. Vitamin D is the cheapest of all vitamins. It’s important to learn as many benefits as possible of the sunshine vitamin to benefit more from it and learn how it can help us stay healthier.