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5 Reasons Why You Should Try At Home IV Therapy in Denver

IV Therapy is a century-long medical practice that is widely used in hospitals to administer lifesaving treatments to patients. Today, Intravenous Therapy can be administered at home to boost your immune system, instantly rehydrate your body and nourish you with the essential nutrient, minerals and vitamins that your body needs to function optimally.

Intravenous Therapy or IV Therapy has been around for at least a century. From as early as the 1600s, doctors discovered that some medications could be administered intravenously (through a vein). The at home IV therapy is an effective and convenient method of directly administering electrolytes, fluid, nutrients, and medication into the body. Unlike ingesting through the mouth, intravenous therapy is significantly faster and more effective.

IV Therapy in Home

When fluids containing electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients are administered intravenously, they immediately go into the bloodstream without passing through the body’s digestive system. This direct path into your bloodstream allows the contents of the fluid to reach your organs quicker.

As mentioned earlier, IV Hydration Therapy is far from a new medical procedure. Actually, it is frequently used in hospitals and clinics to administer life-saving care to severely ill or dehydrated patients. Currently, the administration of mobile IV Therapy is an integral part of most wellness and health services, especially in high altitude and dry areas such as Denver. And now in 2020, home IV Therapy may be a new idea compared to the 1600’s but, the goal is the same—to help make you feel better!

There are several benefits of the home IV Therapy – listed below are just a few.

  • 1.Instant Hydration

The human adult body is roughly made up of 60% water. Excessive alcohol consumption, strenuous physical exercises, hiking in high altitudes, and high temperatures are major causes of dehydration. Additionally, dehydration may also be caused by hangovers, diarrhea, nausea, excessive sweating, or food poisoning.

To ensure that your body is well hydrated and that all your major organs are working optimally, you may need an IV Therapy. This is especially important if you will be hiking at high altitudes or suffering from a severe hangover. These are crucial points where your body requires frequent rehydration. A mobile IV Therapy administered right at home can keep you from becoming dehydrated and give your vital organs a boost.

  • 2.Improved Energy Levels

Undoubtedly, many of us live our lives on the fast lane – always on the move to keep up with the demanding aspects of our daily lives. Also, most people experience several chronic illnesses such as migraines, fatigue, and insomnia. Unknown to many of us, chronic fatigue is often a symptom of electrolyte imbalance or dehydration.

IV Therapy at Home

Administering IV Drip at home can help boost your immune system and bring the much-needed balance to your body. Consequently, this will help you feel more energized and active. Our IV Therapist will often recommend any additional supplement such as Vitamin B12, which usually works better when administered intravenously.

  • 3.Enhanced Vitamin Absorption

When you orally ingest vitamins or minerals, it first travels through your digestive system before reaching your bloodstream and reaching your vital organs. This extended pathway often results in reduced efficiency and your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and vitamins.

Conversely, IV Therapies are administered directly into your bloodstream – through your veins – bypassing your gastrointestinal system. An intravenous delivery ensures a faster route to your body’s organs. This intravenous delivery will allow the drip reach your body and organs quicker and aid your recovery from dehydration caused by either altitude sickness, hangover, or diarrhea.

  • 4.Boost Immune System and Wellness

High doses of essential vitamins and minerals such as those included in our IV Therapy can help boost your body’s immune system. Our body’s immune system strives to protect us from several bacterial and viral infections on a daily basis. Vitamin C is one of such vitamin that is essential to our immune system.

Our Home IV Therapy can be taken either before as a preventive measure or after a high-altitude hike, visits to extremely humid or elevated locations, or after a very exhausting physical activity. Similarly, it can also boost your immune system to help fight against the occasional bouts of common cold and flu.

  • 5.IV Therapy Is Beneficial For Just About Anybody

Are you a dedicated high-altitude climber, a high-performance athlete, a hard-working mom, or a business owner that go on constant trips, or a normal person worried about your hydration level? – then the At Home IV Therapy will be beneficial to you. Our IV Therapy can meet a variety of wellness and physical needs ranging from quick rehydration, improved immunity, energy, nutritional or athletic benefits. If you are unsure of the right type of IV Hydration Therapy you need, then the experts at HydraMed can offer the best professional recommendation.

HydraMed is a mobile IV Therapy company based in Denver, Colorado. We provide in-home IV infusions with essential vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, antioxidants, and medicines to help with a variety of conditions and wellness needs.

Our services carry a one-time all-inclusive cost, and there are zero hidden charges. We can arrange to have the IV Therapy administered at your hotel, home, resort, business, or Airbnb in Denver or within a 60-mile radius.

To book an IV Therapy appointment or to learn more about our at home IV Therapy in Denver, you can contact us using the contact information below.