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10 Things That Can Make You Dehydrated

Dehydration is a loss or deficiency of water in the body. You are said to be dehydrated when your body loses more fluid than you can replace. Symptoms of dehydration can range from erratic urination, severe thirst, fatigue, dark-colored urine, dizziness, confusion, or fatigue.

Most of us are aware that we can get dehydrated if we don’t drink enough water or engage in a strenuous physical activity that causes us to sweat profusely. However, other instances can trigger dehydration. Usually, drinking enough fluid or water should be enough to keep you hydrated. But on certain occasions, you may need a IV Hydration Therapy to adequately and quickly rehydrate your body.

Things That Can Leave You Dehydrated

  1. Medications: Certain medications can trigger dehydration. Some pills are classified as Diuretics and are often prescribed to help remove water and salt from your body. Excessive use of laxatives may also cause dehydration too.
  2. Alcohol: Alcohol consumption impedes the ability of your brain to send signals to your kidneys to regulate urine production. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a hangover and trigger abnormal fluid loss from the body. For every pint of alcohol, your kidneys generate double the amount of urine than it normally would.
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  3. Air Travel: The humidity of the air in an airplane is typically lower than normal and can trigger dehydration both inside your body and on your skin. It is advised that you moisturize your skin and drink enough fluids while flying.
  4. Sodium: Highly processed food such as noodles, frozen meals, or canned soups contain unhealthy amounts of sodium. If you don’t consume enough fluids when you consume excess salt, your body might force water out of other cells in your body, causing dehydration.
  5. Stress: Stress has a considerable impact on your overall physical and mental health. When you are stressed out, your adrenal glands produce copious amounts of stress hormones, and this can impact your adrenal gland’s ability to produce aldosterone – the hormone that regulates fluid and electrolyte levels in your body.
  6. Consuming Insufficient amounts of vegetables and fruits: Fruits and veggies, especially those rich in water, can help keep you stay hydrated. Consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, cucumber, peaches, lettuce, watermelon, and cantaloupe can help keep you hydrated.
  7. High Altitudes: Elevated heights are linked to dehydration. In high altitude areas such as Denver, your breathing would be faster and deeper than usual. Also, since humidity reduces with height, your sweat would evaporate faster and cause you to lose more fluids.
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  8. Menstruation: Periods are often accompanied by a loss of fluid along with blood. This can cause fatigue and dizziness during your period. It is essential to stay hydrated during your period.
  9. Diarrhea and Vomiting: Regardless of the cause, diarrhea and vomiting can cause dehydration. The rate of dehydration increases if a fever accompanies it since you are likely to sweat more. It is essential that you replace any lost fluids and electrolytes caused by vomiting or diarrhea.
  10. Aging: As we age, our sense of thirst reduces, and so does the effectiveness of our kidneys. Since the feeling of thirst may be inhibited, older people may not be drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated. So, getting enough fluid into the body is crucial for older people.

How to Stay Hydrated

Any of the 10 reasons mentioned above may be the cause of your dehydration. It is essential that you drink enough fluids, especially before you feel thirsty.
Furthermore, certain activities, such as hiking in elevated environments and hangovers, can cause dehydration without you even realizing it. Your best bet is to make it a habit to drink enough fluids throughout the day. However, you may also require an at home IV Hydration Therapy to help replenish lost fluids and electrolytes from your body.

Alleviate Dehydration Symptoms with IV Therapy for Dehydration

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